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Parts List for the SDA SRS 3.1TL

Parts You'll Need To Buy

AMP Universal MATE-N-LOCK Connectors UL94V-2 Nylon
Quanty & NamePart Number & Link
2 x (P1 Input) 5 Pin Vertical Pin Header571-6404661
2 x (P2 Driver Output) 4 Pin Vertical Pin Header571-3504301
2 x (P3 Tweeter Output) 2 Pin Vertical Pin Header571-3504281
Optional 2 x (P & R) 3 Pin Vertical Pin Header571-3504291
Sonicap Gen I Capacitors
Quanty & NamePart Number & Link
4 x 12uF (C3, C5) Sonicap Gen I
2 x 24uF (C1) Sonicap Gen I
4 x 27.5uF (C2-A, C2-B) Sonicap Gen I (Custom Value: You can ask them to make a 27.5uf Cap or you can order the 27uf Cap it's well within the %10 talerance)
MILLS MRA-12 (12 Watt) Resistors
Quanty & NamePart Number & Link
2 x 1.3 Ohm (BG) (They don't have a 1.3 but a 1.25 should work fine it's with in %10) MILLS MRA-12 Resistors

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